Hi, I’m david, art director and motion designer based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

I help crafting ideas into motion since 2010. From Lausanne to London, passing by Paris and Los Angeles, my love for design and animation has always pushed me further.

Working for all kind of projects (commercials, social media, corporate, games, TV, cinema) I dedicate my time on finding the right solution for your specific project.

I've been fortunate enough to work with amazing people at studios such as PicnicNvizibleMomocoTerritoryMPC LondonBLIND LtdBrett et cieRamon and PedroKompost and Blind, LA.

Between 2021 and 2023, I partnered up with my fellow motion designer and friend, Alex Maye (aka animai) to create DNA Studio. We specialized in all things related to motion graphics; moving shapes, type, characters and colors to create meaningful stories for brands and businesses. 

Later on in 2023, I've decided to focus on typography, lettering and art direction for brands and motion pictures. Check out my dedicated website www.designedbydab.com  to find out more.

Find me on social platforms or drop me a line at :
I'm always happy to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!

AMC, Amnesty, Audemars Piguet, BBC, EasyJet UK, Europacorp, ITV, Linda Farrow, Nespresso, Nestlé, Nexthink, Nike, Omega, Primark, Samsung, Scott Free Productions, UEFA, Universal Studio, 5USA, Warner Brothers

shot with  by Sophie Roux.